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How to stay up-to-date with Neos CMS



The Neos community is quite active and without checking all related channels every day you might miss quite a few important things.

In this article I will give you an overview of most relevant Neos channels and how you can subscribe to them.

This way you will not miss the next great plugin, announcement or release!

How to subscribe

There are various apps for all platforms that allow you to subscribe to RSS and Atom feeds (XML formats for publishing lists of articles). Using those apps helps as they remember which news you already read and you can be notified about new entries. You can add each feed link in this article there to subscribe to them.

I use and recommend the free The old reader webapp in combination with the Reeder App as client for Mac and iOS.

The Old Reader feed view

Forum discussions

Our forum ( contains announcements, release notes, notes of team meetings, budget applications, requests for comments (RFC), questions and answers from the community and much more.

You can subscribe to the RSS-feed to get updated on the latest posts (without comments).

Blog and package releases

Our website ( contains a ton of information about Neos. But there are a few resources which update regularly, some daily, like the package listing and some every other week like the blog.

Stay up-to-date with the official blog posts by subscribing to its feed.

And of course don't forget my blog 😉

To make sure you don't miss the latest new Neos core & community packages and their updates you can subscribe to the package releases feed. This is the most relevant feed in my opinion for integrators and even project managers who plan and estimate new projects.

New issues & code changes

We have various repositories on Github which are the basis of the development of Neos and all related packages. Communication regarding bugs, feature ideas and other improvements and also all related code changes can be found there.

You don't have to subscribe to all feeds, but you might want to be informed about newly opened issues, which can be bugs, new feature ideas, or relate to other topics.

In the following sections you can find the most relevant feeds for Neos CMS itself, the Neos UI and the Neos Flow framework.

Neos CMS development

Neos Flow development

Neos UI development


All those feeds help me in my daily routine to see what is going on in the Neos world and to better and helping our my customers and community members. I don't read each and every entry, but just my browsing the headlines I have a better grasp on what topics are currently being worked on, or cause problems. Especially the package feed helps me to learn about great new packages or major releases that might be relevant for me or my customers.

I hope those feeds can help you too!

PS: You can also find the same list in my Github repo. Feel free to open a PR there with another helpful feed if you know one 🙂