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How to use 1Password autofill in apps

For a long time 1Password (1PW), my favourite password manager since forever, could show the matching password for an app via hotkey like it does in the browser. I knew that, because for some reason it did that for some apps but not for others, and I didn't understand why.

The solution: 1PW also allows an app id in the "Website" field of an entry. 

But this app id is not obvious and needs a small command to retrieve on MacOS.
As I always forget the command I decided to create a small blogpost so I have it documented ;)

So as an example to retrieve the app id of the awesome MoneyMoney app, you run the following command:

osascript -e 'id of app "MoneyMoney.app"'

You will then get "com.moneymoney-app.retail" as result which you can add to your entry in 1PW for the app. You can use a "website" field for that and change the label to "App" to make it more obvious. 

If you then have to login again into your app, just press "cmd + #" (in MacOS) and the 1PW helper will pop up with the matching entry and you can simply copy the password.

1PW has also improved autofill support since MacOS Big Sur, see here.